Toward an Urban Utopia

I dream that the government or NGOs or even private businesses will make compost factories and change garbage into something useful, get out of the business of GMOs and more. Also the concept of permaculture is spreading like wildfire, old information made new again. Here are links, PDF files you can Download and videos toward solutions…food for your thoughts.
Visez ca guvernul sau ONG-uri sau chiar afacerii privați face fabrice compost și schimbă gunoi intr-un ceva care putem folosi. Aici sunt link-uri și filme spre soluții….mancare pentru gandîrile tale! Idee despre permaculture e mai cunoscută acum – informații vechi facut noua din nou. Îmi pare rau ca mulți sunt numai în engleza.


PDF files

here – ENGLISH unless otherwise noted

Butterflies & Other Beneficial Insects
Butterfly Garden Guide
European Red List of Butterflies
European Red List Dragonflies

Seed Saving –
Seed Saving Resources

Natural Pesticides –
Natural Pesticide Recipes

Composting and worm bins –
NYC WORM BIN Instructional
NYC Compost Instructional
NYC Master Composter Manual

General Knowledge –
Indiginous Knowledge Text
Meeting Natures Needs – Where agriculture overlaps with areas of High Nature Value

Copyright notice for PDFs – All of the above PDFs are property of their respective authors. These are made available here for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge and are readily available free on the internet from their authors.


Where Seatle’s Food Scraps Go To Become Compost – Cedar Grove from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

Single Stream Recycling at the Boulder County Material Recovery Facility (MRF) from Eco-Cycle on Vimeo.

Because the above video is no longer available here is a playlist of videos from youtube that are all about single stream recycling –

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