albina, albina dorme

Our chubby winged friends – Bees

Some of my favorite winged friends are bees.   Bees are cute, scary and an integral part of the life cycle. Where would we be without them? They pollinate the worlds plants thus being symbolic of fertility and many make delicious honey too.  Even life itself is likened to their honey as a metaphor […]

summer solstice

Summer Solstice – the longest light – daylight – of the year

Tomorrow mornings sunrise (21 June) in the northern hemisphere is the summer solstice – try to see it if you can. It is the longest day of the year welcoming summer in many countries. For those of you who cannot see it I have posted a video of the summer solstice in 2009 […]

Echinacea purpurea

Insects/Insecte – Video

INSECTS! from Koolkabee (at) on Vimeo. Vroiam să împărtesc acest videoclip, deoarece multe insecte sunt benefice şi o sa se ajută gradina ta sa prospere. Plus au o mulţime de călătorie şi vă ajută lor de supravieţuire. Plantați gradina ta de pe balcon şi ei vor veni. _________________ I wanted to share […]

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