An urban gardeners ramblings

My grandparents on their street with my mother and my uncle. My grandmother (and grandfather of course) always had a very large and very beautiful garden where she grew vegetables, there were also fruit trees and other shrubs with flowers. On the other hand, my parents did not always keep a garden each […]

old family photo

”Ramblings” și reflecţiile de grădinară urbană

Bunicii mei pe strada lor cu mama mea şi unchiul meu. Întotdeauna bunica mea a avut o gradină foarte mare și foarte frumoasă unde a crescut legume, erau în plus copaci cu fructe si altele arbuști cu flori. Pe de altă parte, parinții mei nu au ținut o gradină fiecare an, dar cateodătă […]


Grow and eat to your hearts content – Lettuce

If you want to grow fresh lettuce find a space, it is easy and very cheap. A packet of seeds costs less than 50 euro cents and there are 1500 + seeds in a package. You can plant a few seeds each week that will produce fresh lettuce from spring to autumn. Lettuce […]

Do you know what this is?????

Can you identify this plant?

Need your help to identify this plant – It is in front of a very large bloc with many apartments and no-one has been around to ask in my last walks past this beautiful flowering plant. It is a perenial and maybe even a small bush? However, although it has bush like features, […]

Talk about Flower Power!

Guerrilla Gardeners ACTION on 1 May 2010

It is quite fitting that the 1st of May has been chosen as the Guerilla Gardeners action day to plant sunflowers everywhere. This day steeped in long tradition is exactly one-half of a year from the 1st of November and has been known as an occasion for celebration in the northern hemisphere.

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