Talk about Flower Power!

International Sunflower Day 2015

The 1st of May is not only May Day but International Sunflower Day! Anyone can participate in the international sunflower day celebrations, all you need to do to participate is gather together sunflower seeds, friends, choose a location and get out there & plant them.

albina, albina dorme

Our chubby winged friends – Bees

Some of my favorite winged friends are bees.   Bees are cute, scary and an integral part of the life cycle. Where would we be without them? They pollinate the worlds plants thus being symbolic of fertility and many make delicious honey too.  Even life itself is likened to their honey as a metaphor […]

Vincent van Gogh - Vase with Five Sunflowers

Guerrilla Garden Targets – Marasti – Cluj-Napoca – Sunflowers

On the 1st of May there are a few people who live in my neighborhood who will come together to share some time together and plant some sunflower seeds.  The sunflower is a plant that once it begins to grow is quite hardy even in some rough conditions.  There are many potential places […]

Talk about Flower Power!

Guerrilla Gardeners ACTION on 1 May 2010

It is quite fitting that the 1st of May has been chosen as the Guerilla Gardeners action day to plant sunflowers everywhere. This day steeped in long tradition is exactly one-half of a year from the 1st of November and has been known as an occasion for celebration in the northern hemisphere.

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