pastel drawing of ant, urban ant

ANTS – Hymenopteara: Formicidae

In the quest for lessons from nature and particularly ants, some of their notable characteristics include the following:

* They display tremendous strength and determination. It is estimated that on the average they are able to carry 5x their own body weight.

* They help one another and display altruistic qualities. They work for the good of one another and they will even sacrifice their lives for the greater good of their community.

* They will not take from the mouth of others, yet they will give to others.

butterfly on my balcony, balcony garden butterfly

Alien sighting or Butterfly ALERT! (peacock/inachis io)

Listen to the post here Here is a close-up of todays visitor to my balcony. Since I posted this earlier, I have identified it…the caterpillars like to feed on nettle and ironically, the night before sighting this lovely on the dog walk, I had mistaken some nettle for mint and grabbed a piece…ouch! […]

Echinacea purpurea

Insects/Insecte – Video

INSECTS! from Koolkabee (at) on Vimeo. Vroiam să împărtesc acest videoclip, deoarece multe insecte sunt benefice şi o sa se ajută gradina ta sa prospere. Plus au o mulţime de călătorie şi vă ajută lor de supravieţuire. Plantați gradina ta de pe balcon şi ei vor veni. _________________ I wanted to share […]

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