Mike Peel, Aaron Scott Willike, 2008 Solar Eclipse

(Plant) Life energy and the solar eclipse 11 July 2010

The daily life of a bird, plant or any living species on earth change each day with the light and can be easily observed each day at dusk and dawn through our senses.  Each day it is not only the light that wakes me but the song of the birds and the change […]

glastonbury england garden sculpture, buddah garden sculpture, garden focul point

Garden Objects – Focul Points

In my opinion every garden where ever it is deserves to have a focul point.  It could be a larger flower, a cluster of a flowers, a statue, fountain, bird house or any myriad of items.  The fountain is my gardens focul point near the sitting area on my balcony. Here are 2 […]

albina, albina dorme

Our chubby winged friends – Bees

Some of my favorite winged friends are bees.   Bees are cute, scary and an integral part of the life cycle. Where would we be without them? They pollinate the worlds plants thus being symbolic of fertility and many make delicious honey too.  Even life itself is likened to their honey as a metaphor […]

sage, varza, cabbage, plants, plante

More on Companion Plants

Here is a list of more suggested companion plants and my own comments about placement or not in my balcony garden this year.  If you try these, please report back with a comment with what your experience has been or how the plants are progressing.  Thanks! Petunia/Beans Waiting for the next batch of […]

christmas cactus flowering

Indoors or Outdoors

A pleasant surprise – Christmas Cactus Plant flowering in May! Some of your indoor plants can be moved outside now. Be cautious with placement especially if your balcony is facing south. You do not want to shock them and the radical change may burn the leaves. Since my door to the balcony and […]

m. susan foto by Kenpei

Gardening at Night – Magnolia (Susan)

Last night the dogs were a little upset with me.  They were well behaved on their  evening walk and 99% of the time that results in 5-10 minutes free from their leashes to run free in the back of my bloc.  We entered the bloc without the run! Little did they know that […]

Another partial view of the beautiful bloc garden.

Up and coming plants – On my street!

It is not only the cars that pose a threat but people. No one seems to care if some of the flowers are picked here and there. Actually, other neighbors having been inspired by their neighbors have planted previously weeded/grassy areas along the street.

moon blue sky, morning moon, luna dimineata, luna cer albastru

Planting by the MOON

The relationship with the moon and the gravitational tidal pulls have a direct relationship with seeds and plants and how they grow. The water in the soil while we cannot see this with our limited senses also rises and falls with the lunar cycle. At the ground level it has been proven. So gravity being what it is, it seems that the elevated balcony garden plants should follow the same rule.


How does your balcony grow?

The benefits of urban gardening are too many to list in this first post but you get the picture. In fact, the idea seemed so foreign to some of my friends that they even giggled and smirked when at my last apt I planted some tomato plants in containers on my balcony. Truthfully, it was a bit difficult….

Planning your balcony garden? read this article filled with tips and tricks.