glastonbury england garden sculpture, buddah garden sculpture, garden focul point

Garden Objects – Focul Points

In my opinion every garden where ever it is deserves to have a focul point.  It could be a larger flower, a cluster of a flowers, a statue, fountain, bird house or any myriad of items.  The fountain is my gardens focul point near the sitting area on my balcony. Here are 2 […]

pink columbine

Columbine – Aquilegia sp.

Update: Now have planted a few more in 2015. Will be writing about that particular one in another post. As for this batch, well they did well for a few years, I can’t remember what exactly was the cause of their demise – we had one year that was brutally cold and I […]

christmas cactus flowering

Indoors or Outdoors

A pleasant surprise – Christmas Cactus Plant flowering in May! Some of your indoor plants can be moved outside now. Be cautious with placement especially if your balcony is facing south. You do not want to shock them and the radical change may burn the leaves. Since my door to the balcony and […]

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