Cutie Long View

Cum facem un ghiveci de lemn pentru balcoane! RO

8 MAI 2010 – POZE 26 APRILIE 2010 – POST ORIGINAL Constructii ridicate cutie gradina pe balconul tau nu este foarte dificil, nu că sunt eu sexiste sau nimic, dar hei sunt o fata. Este destul de uşor să face, trebuie doar următoare pentru a le construiască – placi din lemn (noi sau […]

Box with soil

How to: Make a wooden raised planter for your balcony (any size)

A little excerpt from this entry – screw the boards together – a little tip is to not screw them all tight at once, get them all in 3/4 of the way and then go back and tighten them up. also if the weather is tricky or you have just run out of strength and you are having a hard time to finish screwing the pieces together – have a coffee or tea and take a little break and try again later – you will be honestly amazed how much easier it is then.

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