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Planting by the MOON

The relationship with the moon and the gravitational tidal pulls have a direct relationship with seeds and plants and how they grow. The water in the soil while we cannot see this with our limited senses also rises and falls with the lunar cycle. At the ground level it has been proven. So gravity being what it is, it seems that the elevated balcony garden plants should follow the same rule.



If you have not started already the time is now to start your seeds. Planting now in temperate zones in the western hemisphere is vital for full impact in your summer and fall garden. If the frost point in your zone has not yet passed then you can start your seeds indoors. You can start them on your windowsill or in a location that receives natural sunlight artificial light. Regardless they need warmth and sufficient light. Even if you are a little lazy buy them now while the selection is greater, in a few weeks many choice seeds will be sold out.


Have you started PLANNING your balcony garden?

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Privacy Barriers – Stuff about STUF (a/k/a reeds) and a GREEN Fence

stuff about stuf audio version click here to listen The challenge this year is to create as large as possible planting space that is unobtrusive and to intergrate a stuf (reed) panel on one side and a trellis to support a green fence on the other which will obstruct the view to my […]

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