New Moon, Summer Solstice, Lunar Eclipse and talking to your plants!

bouquet of flowers from the river
  • Good share, great article, very usefull for us…thanks.

  • I really like the style of your writing. I’m an aspired mtb writer.. Looking forward to some more of your articles!

    • yoyogrow

      thanks – been thinking too of getting a bike – any suggestions?

  • hello your topics are very informative, so maybe you can share your infirmation sources ? I am asking because I began to looking for the latest and most interesting news on the internet only a few days ago and I only have a few useful feeds. Thank you in advance 😉

    • yoyogrow

      hi glad you find the info useful 🙂 my sources are a blend of my personal experiences, info from books in my personal library and articles from the articles in print and on the net – all of that intermingles. hopefully it is helpful that when applicable there are links within each post for people to find more info…dont have time to reference much else.

  • What do you think about todays eclipse?

    • yoyogrow

      Ask and you shall receive 🙂 here is my post on the subject!

  • Marea chestii aici.

  • Sweet blog!