How to: Make a wooden raised planter for your balcony (any size)

Box with soil
  • Great article post.Really thank you! Want more.

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  • Nice Wooden plant bed for balconies…..

    Thanks for Sharing !!

  • Stephen

    Do you use anything for an inner lining or do you plant directly into your boxes?
    Thanks !

    • yoyogrow

      so sorry for the long time in replying – yes i do line the boxes and somewhat loosely since i dont want it to be air tight so it can drain a bit. i mostly have used the plastic bags that the soil came in as the lining and heavy duty garbage bags sliced so they are only 1 layer. Hope that helps and would love to see pics of your project – thanks for the comment.

  • Nancy

    Thanks for sharing. I want to grow veggies on my balcony ^_^

    • yoyogrow

      Hi Nancy wishing you success with your veggies growing on the balcony. I havent posted any pics in a very long time but can tell you that the reward is so great. This year tomitillos, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers were my primary veggies. Don’t get discouraged …for instance this year my tomitillos weren’t filling out their paperlike shells that appear first and then suddenly it seemed I had a massive amount of tomitillos ready to harvest.

      One other difficulty is learning the ‘climate’ on your balcony. My balcony faces south and there were a few days where I had to protect some of my plants from the sun. Please share some photos. Thanks for the comment.

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  • Stephanie ]

    Hi, I was wondering about the drainage on a balcony. Does the water actually leak out of the box onto the balcony? If so, is there a way you direct it over the edge? I live in an apartment and have a shared balcony…I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate it much if I leaked all over the balcony!

    • yoyogrow

      I actually happen to have a gutter off of my balcony – HOWEVER – water the fills the plant boxes really does get absorbed and used by the plants. Vegetables especially need lots and lots of water. Right now when it rains your neighbor below you would probably get more run off from your balcony. But there are things you can do to be sure that when you water it isnt getting wasted and running off – this year, I have added a few cut bottle tops and a few milk cartons with holes in the dirt and water directly in them so that the roots get direct access and i dont have to use as much water. Also and especially if your balcony faces south you can line it with one big piece of plastic without any drain holes or minimal holes since the intense heat will evaporate a lot of the moisture. If you are in a very wet climate it could mean root rot for some things. You can also use drought tolerant plants to keep things to a minimum. I would love to know more specifics about your balcony – is there an overhang? how big? etc. and maybe you can send me a picture to my email amyinro at I will be posting some pics soon of some of the changes that I have made on my balcony this year.