growing pumpkins in the city balcony garden

Heirloom Seeds/Semințe Nehibridizate

Update: That year these seeds were unsuccessful but I tried again with other seeds again in 2013, here is a picture of one of the pumpkins that I grew on the balcony – one of my proudest gardening moments (ps I had them climbing on the railing and it is the 4th floor […]



If you have not started already the time is now to start your seeds. Planting now in temperate zones in the western hemisphere is vital for full impact in your summer and fall garden. If the frost point in your zone has not yet passed then you can start your seeds indoors. You can start them on your windowsill or in a location that receives natural sunlight artificial light. Regardless they need warmth and sufficient light. Even if you are a little lazy buy them now while the selection is greater, in a few weeks many choice seeds will be sold out.

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