Water – Part I

The gods were churning the oceans until, much to their surprise, poison began to spill out. Narada, a rishi…warned them at the beginning that they should pay homage to Shiva, but so eager were they to obtain the soma that they ignored the warning. Soon the poison spilled out, infecting the upper regions and the gods, sages, and demons fled in all directions…

glastonbury england garden sculpture, buddah garden sculpture, garden focul point

Garden Objects – Focul Points

In my opinion every garden where ever it is deserves to have a focul point.  It could be a larger flower, a cluster of a flowers, a statue, fountain, bird house or any myriad of items.  The fountain is my gardens focul point near the sitting area on my balcony. Here are 2 […]

sweet pea

First Blooms and Some Plant Challenges

The new moon brought with it many first blooms – Latyrus odoratus – sweet pea – A slow start from seed and a few were planted in different areas as an experiment.  One in particular the one that has its first flowers has grown the tallest, a couple alongside it are doing ok. […]

bouquet of flowers from the river

New Moon, Summer Solstice, Lunar Eclipse and talking to your plants!

As many of you may know, planting by the moon is an age old technique known to aid in the growth and establishment of your plants. This new moon of June began its cycle of waxing toward its fullness just the day before yesterday on the 12th. This is the best time to […]

Alice in Wonderland, Caterpillar and Alice

Must have info for our friends – Lepidopter * Butterflies

The beauty of the butterfly has awed and inspired people throughout time. They are the muse for many artists as their life cycle from pupae to full winged beauty as a metaphor for death and rebirth is richly illustrated throughout literary and other forms of artistic works. One of the most famous texts to use this metaphor is Alice in Wonderland. Read more….

Artist Unknown

Urban Gardener Gifts

The urban garden movement is sprouting up like seeds all over the world! Vintage seed sprouting illustration shows the cycle of the seed….this inspired me to create a few products for the urban gardener – no longer available but thinking of creating some fun designs relating to gardening through my yoyoro line of […]


An urban gardeners ramblings

My grandparents on their street with my mother and my uncle. My grandmother (and grandfather of course) always had a very large and very beautiful garden where she grew vegetables, there were also fruit trees and other shrubs with flowers. On the other hand, my parents did not always keep a garden each […]

old family photo

”Ramblings” și reflecţiile de grădinară urbană

Bunicii mei pe strada lor cu mama mea şi unchiul meu. Întotdeauna bunica mea a avut o gradină foarte mare și foarte frumoasă unde a crescut legume, erau în plus copaci cu fructe si altele arbuști cu flori. Pe de altă parte, parinții mei nu au ținut o gradină fiecare an, dar cateodătă […]

planta necunoscuta

Another beautiful mystery of nature!

Here is another plant that is unknown to me. It was unmarked and the vendor did not know the name of it as well. They cost 4 lei each or about 1 euro. Searches on the internet have left me still puzzled.  What is known about the plant, that after testing various locations […]

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