Talk about Flower Power!

International Sunflower Day 2015

The 1st of May is not only May Day but International Sunflower Day! Anyone can participate in the international sunflower day celebrations, all you need to do to participate is gather together sunflower seeds, friends, choose a location and get out there & plant them.


Fall Garden Checklist…

download and/or listen to the mp3 audio for Fall Garden Checklist when you click here Just like spring, it is time to get back to work in our gardens…so much to do! Following is the full list of tasks for the fall garden in text format and following that is a little experiment […]

pastel drawing of ant, urban ant

ANTS – Hymenopteara: Formicidae

In the quest for lessons from nature and particularly ants, some of their notable characteristics include the following:

* They display tremendous strength and determination. It is estimated that on the average they are able to carry 5x their own body weight.

* They help one another and display altruistic qualities. They work for the good of one another and they will even sacrifice their lives for the greater good of their community.

* They will not take from the mouth of others, yet they will give to others.

butterfly on my balcony, balcony garden butterfly

Alien sighting or Butterfly ALERT! (peacock/inachis io)

Listen to the post here Here is a close-up of todays visitor to my balcony. Since I posted this earlier, I have identified it…the caterpillars like to feed on nettle and ironically, the night before sighting this lovely on the dog walk, I had mistaken some nettle for mint and grabbed a piece…ouch! […]

Echinacea purpurea

Balcony Garden Progress August 2010

…….on the left side the width of the box is also a little over 215 cm and the depth is 85 cm. Plants on the left side include budleia (butterfly bush), 3 vines (morning glory, sweet pea vines, clematis,) lantana, dahlia, paper flowers (unknown name), delphinium,……

rainbow marasti cluj, rainbow, curcubeu în marasti cluj, curcubeu

morning moon and recent rainbow/lună și curcubeu

visions from my balcony în maraști, cluj napoca vedere din balconul meu I found a nice site about rainbows with a lot of info and pix…. Atmospheric Optics – Topic RAINBOWS Aici e un link din wikipedia cu informație despre curcubeie… Wikipedia  – Curcubeie

albina, albina dorme

Video Clip – O Pledoarie pentru albine

Dennis vanEngelsdorp: o pledoarie pentru albine – are traducere numai trebuie sa mergeti la linkul asta si sub video e altele limbajele pentru video clipuri…in plus puteti vedea text-ul pe dreapta. In sfârsitul am pus transcript în romaneste jos…. Despre clip-ul – Dennis vanEngelsdorp: o pledoarie pentru albine Albinele mor pe capete. De […]

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