EO Wilson, Ed Wilson, Ant Expert, Photo by Sage Ross, Biologist extraordinar

The Ant Man – E.O. Wilson

I don’t think that he would be offended by my comparison of him to an ant. So how the heck can I say he is like an ant? Well, ants have 2 jaws – 1 to eat with and the other to carry food back to the nest. Like his beloved research subjects, EO Wilson provided nourishment to himself through his work and he too carried back food for thought to the biggest known nest of humans who occupy this place that we call earth.

Mike Peel, Aaron Scott Willike, 2008 Solar Eclipse

(Plant) Life energy and the solar eclipse 11 July 2010

The daily life of a bird, plant or any living species on earth change each day with the light and can be easily observed each day at dusk and dawn through our senses.  Each day it is not only the light that wakes me but the song of the birds and the change […]

rainbow marasti cluj, rainbow, curcubeu în marasti cluj, curcubeu

morning moon and recent rainbow/lună și curcubeu

visions from my balcony în maraști, cluj napoca vedere din balconul meu I found a nice site about rainbows with a lot of info and pix…. Atmospheric Optics – Topic RAINBOWS Aici e un link din wikipedia cu informație despre curcubeie… Wikipedia  – Curcubeie

Protest in Bucuresti Photo by: Bogdan Giușcă

Esti pentru interzicerea cianurii in minerit? ROSIA MONTANA un disastru care aşteaptă sa se întâmple !

UPDATE: 2015 For non-romanian speakers (since all the romanians are certainly aware of what’s happened) – long story short – gold mine – danger of cyanide poisoning of the environment – GREED – possilbe stop to the greed – not written in stone yet but you can learn more by reading about this […]


Water – Part I

The gods were churning the oceans until, much to their surprise, poison began to spill out. Narada, a rishi…warned them at the beginning that they should pay homage to Shiva, but so eager were they to obtain the soma that they ignored the warning. Soon the poison spilled out, infecting the upper regions and the gods, sages, and demons fled in all directions…

summer solstice

Summer Solstice – the longest light – daylight – of the year

Tomorrow mornings sunrise (21 June) in the northern hemisphere is the summer solstice – try to see it if you can. It is the longest day of the year welcoming summer in many countries. For those of you who cannot see it I have posted a video of the summer solstice in 2009 […]

sweet pea

First Blooms and Some Plant Challenges

The new moon brought with it many first blooms – Latyrus odoratus – sweet pea – A slow start from seed and a few were planted in different areas as an experiment.  One in particular the one that has its first flowers has grown the tallest, a couple alongside it are doing ok. […]

bouquet of flowers from the river

New Moon, Summer Solstice, Lunar Eclipse and talking to your plants!

As many of you may know, planting by the moon is an age old technique known to aid in the growth and establishment of your plants. This new moon of June began its cycle of waxing toward its fullness just the day before yesterday on the 12th. This is the best time to […]

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