tomatos from balcony garden, rosii de gradina balcon

you say toe-maa-toe i say tom-ay-to :-)

UPDATE 30 AUGUST For several weeks now the plants have been producing quite a few delicious and very meaty tomatoes. The plants continue to increase in size and flower. I had a few extra plants and planted them behind my bloc in sand and while I do not have a pic here of […]

growing pumpkins in the city balcony garden

Heirloom Seeds/Semințe Nehibridizate

Update: That year these seeds were unsuccessful but I tried again with other seeds again in 2013, here is a picture of one of the pumpkins that I grew on the balcony – one of my proudest gardening moments (ps I had them climbing on the railing and it is the 4th floor […]


Grow and eat to your hearts content – Lettuce

If you want to grow fresh lettuce find a space, it is easy and very cheap. A packet of seeds costs less than 50 euro cents and there are 1500 + seeds in a package. You can plant a few seeds each week that will produce fresh lettuce from spring to autumn. Lettuce […]

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