Caryopteris dying

Plant Problems in late spring

Below are details of the biggest challenges and losses but here are a few pix of some of the successes: At the end of April I posted info about new #perennial plantings and other seedlings that were started. All of the plants were placed accordingly since balconies have their own micro climates based […]

Clematis Illustration Gardening Hints Card

Clematis Vines

Timeless information in the gardening series of cards packaged with cigarettes back in the day. The front of the card has a beautiful illustration, actually resembles the picture of Clematis alpina which I planted this year. Click on the images for a full view: George Jackman is the man behind ‘Jackmanii’ One of […]

Clematis illustration on Wills's Cigarettes Gardening Hints Card

Planting Clematis Vines

Late spring, early summer is the time to take cuttings from established Clematis vines. I’m no expert at this but found a few people who are so check out their pages (links at the bottom) that are illustrated and show you step by step how to do it. Although, this year I planted […]

Sunflower - Sonnenblume Photo by: Nahaufnahme Hüllkelch

Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus

Time Lapse Sunflower Opening Sunflower close / time-lapse Scroll down past the wiki for more awesome vids that you can watch on this page. Plant Guide PDF The USDA has an interesting plant guide with information of how the plant has evolved over the years and medicinal uses. It’s short, loaded with facts […]

luffa aegyptiaca

Have you grown luffa sponges?

Hi everyone, one of the things I’ve always wanted to grow are #luffa sponges but never got past the thought stage. Recently I watched this video: Grow your own Natural Sponge – Luffa || Valhalla Movement Network It got me to thinking about them again and I wanted to reach out to learn […]


2015 New Balcony Garden Plants

In Romania everyone (almost everyone) gets paid at the middle of the month and at the end so all the retail shops put out their best products and seasonal products in bulk on paydays. In march they start with dribs and drabs of flowering bulbs, other vines and bushy type plants and fruit […]

Planning your balcony garden? read this article filled with tips and tricks.