Mike Peel, Aaron Scott Willike, 2008 Solar Eclipse

(Plant) Life energy and the solar eclipse 11 July 2010

The daily life of a bird, plant or any living species on earth change each day with the light and can be easily observed each day at dusk and dawn through our senses.  Each day it is not only the light that wakes me but the song of the birds and the change […]

rainbow marasti cluj, rainbow, curcubeu în marasti cluj, curcubeu

morning moon and recent rainbow/lună și curcubeu

visions from my balcony în maraști, cluj napoca vedere din balconul meu I found a nice site about rainbows with a lot of info and pix…. Atmospheric Optics – Topic RAINBOWS Aici e un link din wikipedia cu informație despre curcubeie… Wikipedia  – Curcubeie

bouquet of flowers from the river

New Moon, Summer Solstice, Lunar Eclipse and talking to your plants!

As many of you may know, planting by the moon is an age old technique known to aid in the growth and establishment of your plants. This new moon of June began its cycle of waxing toward its fullness just the day before yesterday on the 12th. This is the best time to […]

moon blue sky, morning moon, luna dimineata, luna cer albastru

Planting by the MOON

The relationship with the moon and the gravitational tidal pulls have a direct relationship with seeds and plants and how they grow. The water in the soil while we cannot see this with our limited senses also rises and falls with the lunar cycle. At the ground level it has been proven. So gravity being what it is, it seems that the elevated balcony garden plants should follow the same rule.

Planning your balcony garden? read this article filled with tips and tricks.