Clematis Illustration Gardening Hints Card

Clematis Vines

Timeless information in the gardening series of cards packaged with cigarettes back in the day. The front of the card has a beautiful illustration, actually resembles the picture of Clematis alpina which I planted this year. Click on the images for a full view: George Jackman is the man behind ‘Jackmanii’ One of […]

Sunflower - Sonnenblume Photo by: Nahaufnahme Hüllkelch

Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus

Time Lapse Sunflower Opening Sunflower close / time-lapse Scroll down past the wiki for more awesome vids that you can watch on this page. Plant Guide PDF The USDA has an interesting plant guide with information of how the plant has evolved over the years and medicinal uses. It’s short, loaded with facts […]

Dahlia on my balcony - your balcony garden


One of my favorite balcony garden plants is the Dahlia. They are easy to grow and bloom until the frost. My balcony has its own micro-climate so that means dahlias until early to mid November. If we were on the ground they would die off in October. Like other fact sheets on this […]

Planning your balcony garden? read this article filled with tips and tricks.