albina, albina dorme

Video Clip – O Pledoarie pentru albine

Dennis vanEngelsdorp: o pledoarie pentru albine – are traducere numai trebuie sa mergeti la linkul asta si sub video e altele limbajele pentru video clipuri…in plus puteti vedea text-ul pe dreapta. In sfârsitul am pus transcript în romaneste jos…. Despre clip-ul – Dennis vanEngelsdorp: o pledoarie pentru albine Albinele mor pe capete. De […]

albina, albina dorme

Our chubby winged friends – Bees

Some of my favorite winged friends are bees.   Bees are cute, scary and an integral part of the life cycle. Where would we be without them? They pollinate the worlds plants thus being symbolic of fertility and many make delicious honey too.  Even life itself is likened to their honey as a metaphor […]

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