Echinacea purpurea

Balcony Garden Progress August 2010

…….on the left side the width of the box is also a little over 215 cm and the depth is 85 cm. Plants on the left side include budleia (butterfly bush), 3 vines (morning glory, sweet pea vines, clematis,) lantana, dahlia, paper flowers (unknown name), delphinium,……

christmas cactus flowering

Indoors or Outdoors

A pleasant surprise – Christmas Cactus Plant flowering in May! Some of your indoor plants can be moved outside now. Be cautious with placement especially if your balcony is facing south. You do not want to shock them and the radical change may burn the leaves. Since my door to the balcony and […]

Box with soil

How to: Make a wooden raised planter for your balcony (any size)

A little excerpt from this entry – screw the boards together – a little tip is to not screw them all tight at once, get them all in 3/4 of the way and then go back and tighten them up. also if the weather is tricky or you have just run out of strength and you are having a hard time to finish screwing the pieces together – have a coffee or tea and take a little break and try again later – you will be honestly amazed how much easier it is then.

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