2015 New Balcony Garden Plants

In Romania everyone (almost everyone) gets paid at the middle of the month and at the end so all the retail shops put out their best products and seasonal products in bulk on paydays. In march they start with dribs and drabs of flowering bulbs, other vines and bushy type plants and fruit […]



Nu gasim un ursus in gradine urbane, dar vroiam sa scriu ca acest blog revine in martie…era o perioada de hibernatie si acum ma trezesc incet 🙂 incep din nou 1 martie 2011 pana la sfarsitul Octombrie 2011. In timp ce trezesc din somn, va intreb – ce plan aveti pentru gradina primavara? […]


Fall Garden Checklist…

download and/or listen to the mp3 audio for Fall Garden Checklist when you click here Just like spring, it is time to get back to work in our gardens…so much to do! Following is the full list of tasks for the fall garden in text format and following that is a little experiment […]

pastel drawing of ant, urban ant

ANTS – Hymenopteara: Formicidae

In the quest for lessons from nature and particularly ants, some of their notable characteristics include the following:

* They display tremendous strength and determination. It is estimated that on the average they are able to carry 5x their own body weight.

* They help one another and display altruistic qualities. They work for the good of one another and they will even sacrifice their lives for the greater good of their community.

* They will not take from the mouth of others, yet they will give to others.

Echinacea purpurea

Balcony Garden Progress August 2010

…….on the left side the width of the box is also a little over 215 cm and the depth is 85 cm. Plants on the left side include budleia (butterfly bush), 3 vines (morning glory, sweet pea vines, clematis,) lantana, dahlia, paper flowers (unknown name), delphinium,……

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