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WWOOF Romania Summer & Fall 2015

In this news item, today we’re talking about WWOOF Romania because that’s where I live and Romania’s beautiful landscape is breathtaking and shouldn’t be missed in your lifetime…. So are you intrigued? I hope so since now is the time to plan your volunteer vacation with WWOOF Romania. WWOOF is an international (kind of – countries have their own sites generally) organization that matches people and farms.

Talk about Flower Power!

International Sunflower Day 2015

The 1st of May is not only May Day but International Sunflower Day! Anyone can participate in the international sunflower day celebrations, all you need to do to participate is gather together sunflower seeds, friends, choose a location and get out there & plant them.

Leonardo DaVinci Flower Study (Portion)

Spring Planting & Progress In the Garden Today 15 April 2015

Spring is in the air, the clocks were ‘sprung’ ahead, Kiki and Nerica (my dogs) have been overly exhuberant – dare I say it again – I have the fever – gardening fever. So in the last week of March, I found myself amongst armies of chocolate easter bunnies. Yep I love me some chocolate but I love more, my heart sunk for a moment, had all the perenial plants been sold out? Noooooooooooo and then in a moment joy overcame me again, turning I caught a glimpse of life and a few boxes with printed pictures of what is to come. I was pretty excited! The last boxes of plants were hidden away from the new items, shoved into the aisle that almost no one ever goes to (lucky for me.) I couldn’t resist. Now 2 weeks have passed and finally the conditions were right today to plant the last three items that I purchased:


2015 New Balcony Garden Plants

In Romania everyone (almost everyone) gets paid at the middle of the month and at the end so all the retail shops put out their best products and seasonal products in bulk on paydays. In march they start with dribs and drabs of flowering bulbs, other vines and bushy type plants and fruit […]

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