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tree iconHi my name is Amy and I'm a city gardener, I created a garden on my balcony back in early 2009 and started blogging about it to share my garden adventures. It was a periodic blog and now has been updated to be mobile friendly (march 2015) and spring is here so it has been resusitated. It has undergone many transformations when time allowed, here I share some of the things that I've learned about gardening on the balcony. The articles that I"ve written thusfar are below, the blog was on hiatus for sometime so as I go will be updating info but mostly it is a timeless art and plants haven't changed that much :-) Most articles and images are in english and a few in romanian. Click here to hear an audio introduction from a few years ago. Hope that you too will share in the quest and find your paradise too! Happy Gardening!

Leonardo DaVinci Flower Study (Portion)

Spring Planting & Progress In the Garden Today 15 April 2015

Spring is in the air, the clocks were ‘sprung’ ahead, Kiki and Nerica (my dogs) have been overly exhuberant – dare I say it again – I have the fever – gardening fever. So in the last week of March, I found myself amongst armies of chocolate easter bunnies. Yep I love me…

Pink Dahlia

Rhizomes and Tubers – Spring 2015

Don’t have any pictures from 2015 yet as it is still too early and we’ve had psychotic weather – sun shining today then crazy winds and snow showers lasting only minutes – then repeat again and again. The young plants, bulbs, rhizomes and tubers don’t mind since the soil is thawed, the days…


2015 New Balcony Garden Plants

In Romania everyone (almost everyone) gets paid at the middle of the month and at the end so all the retail shops put out their best products and seasonal products in bulk on paydays. In march they start with dribs and drabs of flowering bulbs, other vines and bushy type plants and fruit…

I've been  gardening on my balcony since 2007 and started blogging about it in 2010 with lots of pauses. Here is a little intro video I made a few years ago with dogs talking about your balcony garden! This dog wants to show you his balcony garden :-)

Introduction to Your Balcony Garden

Pretty excited to say that the domain name yourbalconygarden.com became available recently and I was able to get it at some point the blog will be forwarded to that address but in the meantime it is staying here and here is a video that I made sometime ago to tell people about the…


Lunar Eclipse and the Blood Red Moon

[This post was originally published in April 2014, the modernization of the site lost some data so it is republished here in March 2015] Get ready for the eclipse there hasnt been a full moon lunar eclipse since 2011…and speaking of the our friend the moon, let’s not forget about the age old…


Talking Trash

[This post was originally published in November 2013, the modernization of the site lost some data so it is republished here in March 2015] One of our greatest problems besides plastic and pollution is mass consumption. Here is a quick Ted Talk worth watching.


2014 Reworking the Balcony

[This post was originally published in April 2014, the modernization of the site lost some data so it is republished here in March 2015] scroll down to view larger pix or click on the thumbnails for a larger view This year I decided to rework the balcony layout in part. I have changed…

bouquet of flowers from the river

Wildflowers along the Somes River in Cluj

Here are some wildflower photos from this year along the path where I walk my dogs along the river in Cluj. The parks department chops them all down and luckily they come back. It just seems to me that the timing of the chopping is off. Nature is strong and beautiful. [This post…



Nu gasim un ursus in gradine urbane, dar vroiam sa scriu ca acest blog revine in martie…era o perioada de hibernatie si acum ma trezesc incet incep din nou 1 martie 2011 pana la sfarsitul Octombrie 2011. In timp ce trezesc din somn, va intreb – ce plan aveti pentru gradina primavara? Commentati…


Clujul creste…copaci!

update: There was a big tree planting project in 2010, 3 trees specifically planted in my neighborhood during that time were ripped out by the crazy ASPHALT contractors and I haven’t seen anymore plantings since then – of course some people plant trees in the spaces around the apartment buildings but it is…

Find Info Fast

To make it easier to find more detailed info on a topic that is covered in my articles and posts, beginning in 2015, quick links will be at the bottom of them. For instance my recent April 15 post,includes 2 links. One is to an external site with gorgeous flower images and the other to a page on my site with videos, a wiki and whatever else I can find or add about dahlias since they were discussed in this post p.s. Dahlias thrive on balconies..

City Balcony Gardening News

Besides my ramblings about my garden - which by the way I hope will help you in creating an awesome balcony garden, I have compiled a page with feeds and links from passionate garden bloggers called Garden News and am curating a periodical that will explore various topics, you can read that here. If you are interested in guest blogging, please contact me..

Garden Art T's

This blog is really a hobby for me. By trade I am an artist and make art. Amongst those things that I make are unique hand printed Tshirts and bags. Some of my subjects of these products are dragonflies & bees. So periodically I might post a link to an external site where you can purchase them. You can get a glimpse here..

Get inspired, read the guide to Finding paradise in the concrete jungle! your small garden resource.